Christine has become the first woman to climb all hills over 2,000 feet in the UK and Ireland

Posted: 9th October 2019. Updated: 30 June 2021

After climbing her first mountain more than three decades ago, Christine Gordon never thought she would try such a feat again. Her feet ached, she was cold, wet and had trouble walking for days afterwards. Once the discomfort passed however, the 69-year-old felt an incredible sense of achievement and a calmness that she found boosted her mood. It was that feeling of wellbeing that encouraged her to try again … and again … almost every month for the past 35 years.

Christine not only climbed innumerable mountains and hills but cycled the length of several major rivers from source to sea, including 1,300K of the Elbe; visited over 200 countries, including the Silk Road through Mongolia, and hiked from the Atlantic ocean / Caribbean sea to the Pacific ocean, some 266K across Costa Rica.

Tragically she died in a car crash returning from Costa Rica, aged 71 in March 2021. She will always be missed by those who knew her.